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I’ve been on vacation for the last two weeks. A much needed, finally restful vacation. I’m one of those people who tends to use their day off when it comes (excepting vacations) to take care of some items in my private life that I’ve been ignoring, instead of just relaxing. Sometimes its just a fact of life that you need to do that, but it led to some major stresses lately. Having this break to just sit in a car or train and look at the countryside while thinking, has reminded me that I like to contemplate and form my thoughts into coherent ideas.

I’ve found my creativity, my motivation to write again. I’ve had some time to turn off my daily stresses and think more in the long-term. Its helping me to focus on the important things in my life, instead of getting bogged down in the little things. I believe it is improving my mental health, and that is something I need to not neglect, in the face of my apparently poor physical health these past few years.

Today, on one of my last days of vacation, I’ve decided to take some time each day on 750word.com to write down my thoughts. Then, I promise that once a week at least (if not more often), I will post a blog entry on here as a compilation or even direct piece from my daily writings. I want to use this media to work through some of my contemplations, to improve my writing, and see if there is any interest in my thoughts being public. I hope that you, as my dear readers, will give me some feedback in the comments section.

I will start small in my goal: 30 days of writing, a month of weekly blog posts. Deadline: Sunday evenings

See you on the other side!