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This wood would see the tears I cry; these strings would play my pain. Express the hurt deep darkness calls to surface in my heart.

My grief has called me to this song, a peace, a sadness of this loss. I play for you, dear simple soul, as thanks for all you’ve done.

Vibrating notes, they cling to air, enveloping my mind and heart, while soul cries out in sharpest pain: a loved one gone, a dear one lost..

I do not know where you now go, but I’ll miss you in this life. I’ll miss your cheer, your laugh, your joy. I’ll miss the love you brought.

Farewell to you, beloved soul. You join so many others. Those parted from this world today, in violence and hate, in peace and love. Sickness and tragedy, hunger and thirst, desperation and rage. We all go in some way.

I thank the stars that we knew you. We’ll miss you,

Every day