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Desire unbridled. Powerful force, knocking breath from lungs

as waves crash and souls battle.

Laughter and joy, anger and hatred

all forms of love unleashed, its song screaming into the night

An honesty eclipsing truth and lies,

Dark corners brought to light.


A cry of lust, frustration

vibrating through the searing notes that violins did screech,

dust biting string, a pull, a force of true strength pushing note for note

that flames appear in empty air,

A wake of dust as Discord streams forth, laying waste to all it finds.

Fire eating, burning doubt and questions, as it stops for no man,

no Power its equal, no thought to stop its path.


Breathe, my dearest love, as we sink into the deep,

flying high as the sky, no crash in sight as fire burns the air

Burns the stars and burns the night.

Our passion,

unbridled desire. Power true and fast, some seek nothing else in life.

When passion calms, we seek a Peace,

But who needs rest when life abounds?