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How to define the indescribable?

You can’t, you won’t, you shouldn’t.

Yet perhaps I can describe the feelings that rushed through, the moments that I felt, the heights your music drove me to.

Your music, their music, the combined essence of this performance, a look into another world, where blessed angels roam the fields, where storms might bring your thundering sound, where lonely hearts might take your lead, a sturdy rope of lifeblood’s song.

Lift me high, yet bring me down, among the trees and leaves and streams. Capture the soul of the unspeakable as my heart’s serenade is brought to life.

Erlebnis, lebnis, element of life. How could you send me home tonight?

I sat alone within the crowds, each one of us a single point of wonder, shared air pressed out from lungs stretched tight with breath held long, in hopes our bodies might fade from song.

Blasts of light, deep roar of sound. Sweet stretch of piercing violin, upon you praise of multitudes of tears I lay.

Sweep through me, love, anguish, and hope. An inferno of feelings I’ll yearn to understand, as I glean meaning from these simple notes. Simple, yet infinitely complex in tone: the movement, the volume, the control with which each artist paints the waves that travel to your ear and mind, encompass nerves, shaking your form as its attempts to understand,

Fail, as all will surely fail, perhaps you fail there most of all?

These songs that thought I knew well, release me from my daily toils, my troubles and my wondering mind. Thoughts come and go, none stay for long within the waves of music’s sea. I lift my head above the tide, catch breath and close my eyes again, let tears drop down, reminding me of life outside, of worlds beyond.

Carry me anew as I leave this moment, an atmosphere of silence as I pray they never break this line, connection, conversation of kindred hearts.

Released I go into the night, grateful for the chance to hear these pieces once again, again again, as oft I like, and thank their creator for his gift to the world. These words I could not, would not express through claps and nervous brief encounter, yet here they lay to rest my thoughts, not all encompassing my time within that seat, within that hall, within your sound. I thank you for, the peace you bring, the hope you foster, the work you inspire, and only wish you all the best as you shine your heart around the world.