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A word so strong, a word so brave. It sinks into the skin, touches my heart and  lifts the soul.

It finely weaves into my life, a gradual push as I reach and fall, fall and reach. Tumbling, rolling, on through life. Building, faster, stronger, rushing in with colors bright as day, vibrant as the ocean. My very core melts as I close my eyes and breathe in deep sighs of happiness. Music soft, a space within my mind, a beating tone of the piano as the violin dips in, adding melody to the rhythm of my heart, beating slower as I calm in the face of my new world.

Lie flat on the ground. Emotions waft through the air, unspoken and unwavering in their power.


As if born for this moment, my mind sheds the blankets of my mother’s nest. It flies into the open space, the chosen cage, the clouds on which to sit, the trees where my mind and soul will flutter to new heights, as thoughts grow and darkness falls – a sunset just for me.

As I wake to the new sunrise, turn the page on my life and open the windows to my new home, I smile.


Tangible as I taste the sweet air. I spin and spin within the sound of the morning. Birds chirping, then quiet. I stand, motionless in my joy. Independence was my dream, is my dream and now my truth.

Soft, the morning light still lingers, as it flows over my lips, a warm embrace for the new day. I marvel at the vibrance of the sun, of the moon and of its stars. So much has changed and yet so few, in such a space of time.

Yet life seems new and endless, in this new place. My home.


It swirls around, the realization, growing louder and louder in its silence, a hurricane of soundless wind, wrapping my mind in its arms, until it reaches the eye. I curl up in that sacred spot. Warmth glides over me, happiness its dear companion.

May I find all that I want and need, in the loving arms of my thoughts, left to dance and brood, twirl and shout, cry and sing. I scream into the night, a deep gulf of raw silence as I welcome the roaring winds of