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“‘For Now I am Winter’ … is inspired by the dilemma of not really believing in an after life, but still wanting to believe that things are not just lost into oblivion. But at the same time it inspires you to do as well as you possibly can as a human being, while you have the time to do so.” – Olafur Arnalds on his 2013 album. http://olafurarnalds.com/

My favorite neo-classical composer and artist has released his new album. Sometimes I wonder if he composes with the sole intent of expressing my soul and my questions. I look forward to committing the new album to my heart. Minimalist melodies, simple even as they trigger the most complex of emotions. “Found Songs”, his 2009 album touched me with my first listen and has featured as a soundtrack to numerous contemplations and writings. He defines the neo-classical genre for me and I wish the best for this new album, in particular with the vocal additions. If you ever wonder what music you should listen to when reading my love-children of poetry and prose (as described by a dear friend), then listen to Olafur Arnalds. Of all the artists I listen to, meeting him would be of the greatest honor.

I am going to listen to the album fully and then write a proper review with some comparisons to “Found Songs”, my long-standing favorite album.